#1 PMS for independent hotels
Live bookings
30 sec
to make a booking
1 min
to check in and take the money
Fast & Easy
Ridiculously easy and fast, just as you like it. Changing rooms with an easy drag & drop, create a new booking with a few clicks or check-in a guest under a minute. Managing your hotels was never this easy with our 100% cloud based PMS.
Connect to anyone
Made to connect to anyone you want to connect with. Any distribution channel, revenue manager, channel manager, booking engine, point of sale or business intelligence tool. You name it and we connect, the possibilities are endless.
Not just software
Have a question? We are here to help! We are not simply selling you a piece of technology, we are selling you a better way to manager your hotel and good support is part of it.
A true partner
In a time where big online travel agencies and property management systems are not treating independent hotels as equal partners, our mission is to give power to independent hotels. Give them back control over their own hotels, their rates and inventory.

We are a young company consisting of a talented and mixed group of individuals, from hoteliers to tech-wizards. We all love to travel and promise to always book direct, more importantly we promise to always treat you as an equal partner.

Pay less, Do more
A great PMS does not have to be expensive and it can even save you money. Charge credit cards with a single click and pay just 1% in credit-card processing fees.

We offer different pricing plans, so you can choose the plan that's right for you. A super flexible plan by stayed nights or a predictable plan by number of rooms?

Try to use our tool, it's free
Trial period is 2 weeks. You don't need credit card now.